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Our Values

We value mutual respect, openness and fairness among the people. We value professionalism as the key to ultimate success.


MineSpec is to become nation’s no1 provider of high standard & cost efficient equipment & goods. MineSpec is the national entity no1 committed to the highest level of business conduct and to providing the top Customer services in Mongolia.


Short term goal: Acquire & deliver the highest quality medium sized industrial support equipment, safety & welding consumables. Emphasis on USA-Asian Market
Long term goal: Acquire & deliver the top quality mining equipment. Emphasis on World Market

Our Advantages

Flexibility: We are flexible in reaching out the best possible deals for the Customer.
Promptness: Our services are expeditious in ways of communication and deliveries.
Cost efficiency: We offer the most competitive pricing on the market
Location: We are located in the heart of town with easy access to our products & services

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