Model 61-082-008 Pro4000 Heavy DutyGouging Torch With 7' Cable

Model 61-082-008 Pro4000 Heavy DutyGouging Torch With 7' Cable

Product code: RAD64002200

Item Details

  • The Radnor® Pro4000 Heavy-Duty Gouging Torch has rugged construction for durability and long life. The natural torch angle and light-weight minimizes operator fatigue while the 360° swivel cable makes for less cable twist helping with operator comfort.





  • Accepts Pointed Carbons from 5/32" to 1/2"
  • Accepts Flat Carbons from 3/8" to 5/8"
  • Rated to 1000 Amps Maximum
  • Air Consumption of 28 cfm @ 80 psi



  • Most problems encountered in arc gouging stem from common oversights. For example, carbon deposits at the beginning of a groove are usually caused by not having the air turned on before the arc is struck. An unsteady arc, which causes the operator to travel slowly, is generally the result of insuffi cient current. An erratic groove, where the arc wanders from side to side and where the electrode overheats, is normally caused by negative polarity DC.
  • Intermittent arc action and resulting irregular groove surface is caused by too slow travel speed. Carbon deposits at intervals along the groove are caused by a shorting out of the electrode against the work. Slag adhering to the edges of the groove results from inadequate air pressure. A groove that becomes progressively shallower or deeper is caused by an incorrect arc length.



  • Any process in which molten metal is spewing about obviously presents hazards. An arc-gouging operator should follow the Recommended Practices for Air-Carbon Arc Gouging and Cutting (AWS C5.3) & Recommended Safe Practices for Welding and Cutting Containers (AWS F4.1)(The American Welding Society, 550 NW Lejeune Rd., P.O. Box 351040, Miami, FL 33135). Particular attention should be paid to possible fi re hazards and flammable materials should be removed from the work area. Protective booths or screens should be set up and workers should wear the proper protective clothing, including ear plugs, especially if they are to work out-of-position.


Product Attributes

Product Type

» Torch

Rated Amperage

» Rated to 1000 amps

Air Pressure

» 80.00 psi

Torch Model

» Pro4000

Cable Length

» 7 ft