Гаужин электрод 1/4" x 12", зэс бүрхүүлтэй (50ш/х)

Гаужин электрод 1/4" x 12", зэс бүрхүүлтэй (50ш/х)

Барааны код: RAD64002223

Item Details

  • Radnor® Pointed Carbon Gouging Electrodes now feature a 100% Synthetic Graphite Core which improves metal removal rates.





  • Superior arc starting and arc stability
  • Cooler operation to maintain the diameter of the electrode at the point of the arc
  • Purified carbon content for product consistencey from lot-to-lot, run-to-run
  • Faster gouging yields, excellent metal removal rates that challenge the leading products on the market



  • Electrodes must be kept dry. Wet electrodes can flake, or splinter and are dangerous. If electrodes become wet, bake at 300°F for 10 hours before using.~~If exposed to excess gouging funes, seek fresh air immediately. In case of arc rays or electric shock, employ normal first aid techniques and call a physician immediately. Refer to SDS.


Product Attributes


» 1/4"

Electrode Length

» 1/4"

Electrode Type

» DC Copperclad