Үл буцаах клапаны ком, гарны, FA-10

Үл буцаах клапаны ком, гарны, FA-10

Барааны код: RAD64003941

Item Details

  • RADNOR® Flashback Arrestors help prevent serious incidents caused by reverse gas flows or flashbacks. Flashback Arrestors are designed to stop flashbacks by preventing ignition of mixed gases and to protect equipment such as hoses, regulators, torches, and cylinders. Flashback Arrestors are 100% tested, color coded for gas service, and are reusable. Flashback Arrestors for fuel gas and oxygen are provided in the set.





  • Color coded for gas service to provide added safety-oxygen(green) fuel gas (red)
  • Internal check valves designed to prevent reverse flow and accidental mixing of oxygen and fuel gases.
  • Maximum operating pressures are 15 PSIG for Acetylene, 22 PSIG for Other fuel gases and 125 PSIG for Oxygen.
  • Rated capacity of 40 SCFH with a 5 PSIG pressure drop
  • 100% tested and UL Listed


Product Attributes


» Fuel Gas » Oxygen

Size Description

» B (9/16" - 18) RH/LH

Flow Capacity (scfh)

» 40 scfh

Product Type

» Torch Flashback Arrestor Set


» FA-10