Өрмийн хошууны ком, хурдны ган, 1/16" - 1/2"

Өрмийн хошууны ком, хурдны ган, 1/16" - 1/2"

Барааны код: RAD64004929

Item Details

  • Radnor® black oxide bits offer superior durability, speed and selection for most general purpose applications. Best for cutting holes into metal and work equally well in wood and plastic drilling. Use in steel, copper, aluminum, brass, oak, maple, MDF, pine, PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, ABS, nylon and composite materials.





  • The speed helix design penetrates 3X faster than standard bits. The benefits include easier drilling, reduced heat, extended drill bit life and extended cordless battery life
  • Triple tempered black oxide coated bits last 50% longer than regular high speed steel and offer reduced friction between bit and workpiece.
  • 135° split point starts on contact with no walking or skating and no center punch is required.


Product Attributes

Drill Material

» High Speed Steel

Drill Coating

» Black Oxide