Welding Helmet Delta+ 90 FreshAir

Welding Helmet Delta+ 90 FreshAir

Product code: P1701

Kemppi / Finland



Delta+ 90 FreshAir integrates head, face, and respiratory protection in one high strength unit, providing maximum protection and comfort for welders and fabricators in designated head protection areas. High quality hearing protection can also be integrated as an optional extra.

Delta+ 90 FreshAir features a separately hinged welding visor that can be raised independently from a large and clear impact grade face shield, offering exceptional vision of the work area for pre- and post-welding and fabrication processes, whilst always providing its user with a safe and clean breathing environment. Also, the welding visor can be easily removed for functions where welding protection is not required, but high quality respiratory, head, face, and hearing protection are essential.

Delta+ 90 FreshAir units are combined with either a rechargeable, battery powered FreshAir filter pack or locally supplied breathing air source via a FreshAir regulation valve. Cool, clean, filtered breathing air is channeled over the welder's face, eliminating harmful airborne welding fumes and dust contamination. The adjustable face seal, combined with the ‘positive air pressure’ design, creates a safe and easy breathing zone for all day welder comfort and helps to prevent the lens from misting.


  • A heavy duty integrated solution offering hard hat welding and grinding protection
  • EN 397, EN 175 B, AS/NZS 1801, and AS/NZS 1337.1
  • FreshAir Flow control rated to EN 12941 TH2 and AS/NZS 1716
  • Welding visor can be fitted with either standard or ADF welding lens
  • Impact rated full-face clear visor for exceptional protection and work area visibility
  • Positive pressure design makes breathing effortless and safe at all times
  • Choose either a battery powered filter pack or a regulated airline supplied breathing air system
  • Includes mounting for optional high quality ear defenders