Misheel Mega Mall - Showroom for sale

  • Published date:: 2019-01-09
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Showroom for sale in Misheel Mega Mall (2nd floor)


Close to public cafeteria

Next to cargo lift

220V and 380V in


Misheel Mega Mall

Misheel Mega Mall started its operation in July 2016 and was established with the aim to become the first ever Construction department store in Mongolia. The building is a pillar of development bridging the construction, infrastructure, interior renovation and real estate sector being the first to bring all government agencies and private sector entities under one roof.

The 2 story building provides a lavish 21,000 square meters of space housing the world’s leading brands, therefore providing the opportunity to display their products (Sanitary ware, home building materials, stone crafting, decorative plates, flooring, painting, plumbing products etc.).