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Cigweld CutSkill Tradesman Plus Oxy/Acetylene Gas Kit

Multi fuelled torch, comfortable grip handle. Excellent flame stability, flashback resistant mixer. High flow oxygen cutting valve. Cuts up to 150mm. Kit conforms to AS4839

Cigweld Cutskill Oxy/Acet Tradesman Kit

The CutSkill Tradesman gas cutting and welding kit has been designed for general purpose oxygen/acetylene cutting and welding applications. As with all gas equipment manufactured by Victor Technologies, the items in this kit have been carefully designed to provide the highest quality and to ensure they comply with stringent Australian Standards where applicable. All the equipment and accessories are packed in a solid CutSkill toolbox. This it offers great value for the most discerning budget conscious buyer.

HK-12 Beetle portable oxy-fuel cutter gas cutting machine

Model№ HK-12 Beetle
Жин 7,5кг
Хэмжээ 350×140×175mm
Дугуй хоорондын зай 160mm
Reduction gear Single cone system
Cutting edge sharp I、V (45°)
Зүсэх зузаан 6~100mm

Thermal Dynamics® Gas Diffuser

Thermal Dynamics® Start Cartridge is used with SL60/SL100 torches. It is compatible with all Thermal Dynamics® Cutmaster plasma cutting machines. Start Cartridge SL60/SL100 Plasma torch

307007 Cigweld Comet Heating Tip Oxy/Acet Size 8x12HT

  • Heating tip for connection to the standard COMET 3 Mixer (p/n 304002)
  • Oxygen/Acetylene Delivers up to 180 MJ/hr
  • Compact simple design for ease of cleaning
  • Heavy copper construction helps conduct heat away from the tip face, keeps the tip cool and prevents flashbacks

Cigweld Comet 3 Mixer Heating Type 570

COMET 3 Type 570 mixer is used for heating with all Oxy/Fuel gas type combinations
  • Hand tightening for easy attachment onto COMET 3 Blowpipe. (O ring seals ensure a perfect gas-tight connection every time)
  • Large flutes on mixer give easy positive handling, even when wearing welding gloves
  • Mixer 570 can be used with either Oxy/Acetylene, Oxy/LP gas or Oxy/Natural gas
  • No change required when altering fuel gas, other than the type of tip, hose and regulator required
  • Offers high resistance to backfire, regardless of the gas type or flow setting

Blowpipe M/Purp All Fuel Gas

The Cigweld COMET Multi-Purpose 3 Cutting Torch is a heavy-duty cutting torch that is suitable for a wide range of applications, including heavy duty cutting, gouging, steel construction, foundry, demolition and scrap cutting. It features a universal multi-fuel mixer that allows it to operate with Oxy/Acet, Oxy/LPG & Oxy/Natural gas without the need to change the mixer.

Heating Kit – Air/Lpg – Single Burner

Harris Perkeo LPG Scorcher Kit. This kit requires NO additional oxygen. Runs off LPG gas, the tip tube creates a venturi effect suction in oxygen from the air to create a 338mj heating flame. The torch can also be used for road marking applications.